The United States plans to invest into Uzbekistan more than Russia does

The United States plans to invest into Uzbekistan more than Russia does
The USA plans to increase investments and trade with Uzbekistan for several times to minimize the gap with Russia. Carolyn Lamm, chairperson of the US-Uzbekistan Chamber of Commerce, stated about possible signing of more contracts and agreements than Moscow, during the bilateral business forum in Tashkent, Sputnik agency reports.
“Yesterday we learned from Senator Sadyk Safaev that Russia signed more agreements (than America – edit.). We decided that we can advance the Russian Federation in this regard, in order to increase the investment amount and trade volume. Our memorandums with Uzbekistan – it is just a beginning, we are moving only forward”, Lamm noted.
The US representative turned attention at economic reforms conducted in the republic including reforms aimed at lifting a number of obstructions and restrictions for business.
“It encourages us and we fully support these initiatives”, the official concluded.
Geopolitical interests of the USA and Russia in Central Asia clashed in Uzbekistan. Russia decided to draw the Uzbek regime by promising to build a nuclear power plant in Uzbekistan and to open its domestic markets for the Uzbek goods. The USA plans to interest Uzbekistan with large credits and investments.
However, these offered “bilateral benefits” might cost Uzbekistan’s security dearly. As both the USA and Russia want to establish relations with Uzbekistan not only based on economic interests. Both of them have their own interests in Uzbekistan that conflict with each other. This suggests that Uzbekistan might become a stage for settling of scores between two leading global kufr states.

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