Nikolay Patrushev met with his Uzbek colleague in Moscow

Nikolay Patrushev met with his Uzbek colleague in Moscow
RIA Novosti. Secretary of the Russian Federation Security Council Nikolay Patrushev met with Viktor Mahmudov, Secretary of the Security Council under the president of Republic of Uzbekistan in Moscow, press office of the Security Council reports.
“The colleagues discussed wide range of issues of the Russian-Uzbekistan cooperation, particularly in the sphere of security. Current condition and prospects for the development of bilateral cooperation in the sphere of military and military-technical cooperation, ways of solution of migration problems, as well as the issues of providing security of informational infrastructure and response to computer incidents were discussed. Counterparts also exchanged opinions regarding the situation in Central Asia”, the statement says.
Reportedly, Patrushev and Mahmudov summarized results of the Russian-Uzbekistan security consultations. Positive dynamics in development of contacts in the line of security council offices of the two countries in 2017 and 2018.
Russia wants to achieve radical changes in the domestic policy of Uzbekistan. Its actions concerning Uzbekistan are aimed at strengthening influence of the national security forces on domestic policy of the country. In other words, Russia tries to return complete control over the country to Uzbekistan’s National Security Service (SNB), which is the main support of the Uzbek regime. Actions of the president Mirziyoyev regarding development of the country in accordance with the international politics (the West) did not meet the interests of the regime. Russia used opportunity of this disagreement, and began its attempts to turn the administrative system of Uzbekistan back into a force machine based on heavy-handed policy of national security.
Therefore, it is expected that all consultations concerning the Central Asian problems will be conducted counter to the previous course based on meeting mutual economic interests. In other words, Russia will press Uzbekistan for developing a strategy where the policy of “expectation of threats from Afghanistan” will prevail. It is also expected that Uzbekistan’s relations with the neighbor countries will return to their previous “course”.
Now Russia can have neither economic nor cultural influence on Central Asia. For this reason, in Tashkent, Putin will suggest increased focus on security and will try to strengthen his military presence in the region and to create a war risk situation here. All other agreements will be based namely on implementation of this interest.
Now there are attempts of laying a transit route to the ocean from Uzbekistan via Afghanistan. It might cancel out Russia’s interests in Central Asia.
Therefore, Russia is trying to change the system of domestic administration in Uzbekistan, and along with that, to change the course of its foreign policy. Russia managed to take back the influence on the Uzbek regime by interesting Uzbekistan with the idea of building nuclear power plant. Now, in order to destroy the project of the transit route via Afghanistan, Russia will use all its possibilities. Usually Its acts will be based on such dirty deeds as sowing discord, organizing subversive actions. Russia is incapable of doing something else!

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