Jeenbekov called to depart Soviet education system

Jeenbekov called to depart Soviet education system
Kyrgyzstan hosted V Congress of teachers and educators of the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) member states. Representatives from Kazakhstan, Belarus, Russia, Armenia, Turkmenistan, and Tajikistan arrived at Bishkek. Over 400 delegates participated the event. Kyrgyzstan’s president Sooronbai Jeenbekov took part in official ceremony of opening of the Congress. The head of the state extended a warm welcome to specialists from the post-Soviet states, and drew attention on necessity of forming new system of education.
“We are glad that Kyrgyzstan hosts the congress of teachers, who have the noblest profession. In Kyrgyzstan, education is the major priority of the state policy. As you are well aware, the Soviet education system was suitable for demands of that society, and quite successfully met requirements of economics, social life, state administration and defense”, the president started his speech.
According to the president, in aggregate, all this represented competitive system of education in the world, that common educational space enabled to adopt successful practices from each other.
“A lot of things changed since then. On one side, common educational space fell down after the political processes. On the other hand, market relations entered our life and the labor market cardinally changed. New life in our societies demands new system of education”, the president stated.
Compulsory education program is considered as the main source for every state to enlighten its citizens. Enlightenment plays the primary role in a society’s selection of an ideology, system of government, as well as in selection of a state’s status, i.e. – to be colonized by another state or to colonize another state.
As the president noted, in the CIS states, particularly in Kyrgyzstan, education program is based on the Soviet system. As Russia is the only legal successor state and continuer of the Soviet Union, and because after fall of the USSR it could not find its ideology on which it could base its enlightenment, so enlightenment in other CIS states remained almost unchanged. Because after any reform in the sphere of education, in other words, after every departure from the Soviet principles of education, it would be inevitably replaced with educational program based on the western ideology. For Russia, the western ideology was more dangerous than the USSR made education program based on unconscious ideology.
However, now Jeenbekov has to talk about educational reforms because the time did not stop as Russia wants it. Now, the Russian enlightenment cannot regulate educational guidance in its colony states according to modern requirements. Now the CIS states have to conduct educational reforms based on the western enlightenment. Russia itself already passed to the western educational program.
However, one is mistaken if he thinks that the western ideology is more advantageous than the Soviet ideology.

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