Shavkat Mirziyoyev stated about trend in shifting of terrorists towards the CIS borders

Shavkat Mirziyoyev stated about trend in shifting of terrorists towards the CIS borders
The CIS countries (the Commonwealth of Independent States) must be ready for preventive actions to timely counter the terrorism threat, Uzbekistan’s president Shavkat Mirziyoyev believes, “” reports.
Speaking the previous day at the session of the Council of CIS Heads of States in Dushanbe, the Head of Uzbekistan expressed “serious concern” about growing threat of international terrorism, noting that “the trend in shifting of terrorists from Middle East and Afghanistan towards the CIS borders were gaining momentum”.
“Our countries must be ready for agreed and particularly preventive actions for timely and efficient countering of the terrorism threat”, Mirziyoyev stated.
He noted that he attaches great importance to increasing of coordination of law-enforcement authorities and secret services to prevent emerging security threats.
“Our primary focus should be on radicalization of youth. In this connection, it is required to extend cooperation in the spheres of education, culture, social support of the young generation, protection of their rights and interests, creating conditions for self-fulfillment”, the Uzbek leader added.
Mirziyoyev also qualified the incessant armed conflict in Afghanistan as a common challenge for the majority of the CIS states. According to Mirziyoyev, the CIS is able to take a significant role in international efforts aimed at soonest political settlement of the Afghan problem.
There is a process of polarization of leaders of the Central Asian states into two factions, as well as splitting of political interests they serve. Russia and China want to protect their interests in Central Asia and retain influence here, and exaggerate the panic of terror from Afghanistan on the one part, and the USA wants to draw us into its economic colony by opening a transit corridor through Afghanistan.
Mirziyoyev still cannot take control of the political situation (regime) in Uzbekistan. The secret services made a powerful attack on his recent “reforms in religious life” of the country, manifested in clemency of prisoners and conducting Quran recitation competitions. Mirziyoyev could protect neither his reforms, nor oppressed Muslims. Consequently, the Uzbek politics is still under control of the Security Committee. Russia has more influence on the SNB (National Security Service) rather than the president of Uzbekistan. In his above speech, Mirziyoyev admitted that security is above any reforms.
Therefore, under pressure of Russia, administrations of the Central Asian states are forced to “believe” in all these fake panics. Russia use all its opportunities and separately puts full pressure on each of these governments.

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