Another panic

Another panic
Police Colonel General Andrey Novikov, Head of Anti-Terror Center (ATC) of CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States), stated that militants of Islamic State terrorist organization (ISIS) are trying to form their own stronghold in Central Asia, RIA Novosti reports. The Colonel General made this statement during second stage of “Issyk-Kul – Anti-Terror-2018” drill.
Novikov stated that plans of the ISIS militants to form strongholds is a key problem in this region. He also told that activities of terrorists constitute “real security threat not only for the Kyrgyz Republic, but also for the whole Central Asian region. The Head of ATC CIS specified that the ISIS militants try to organize a stronghold of “so-called Khaliphate” in the region and make efforts “to activate already formed sleeper jamaats”.
Information of Russian secret services about the ISIS organization is nothing more that spread fake panic. Because this organization does not have such power to destabilize situation even in a small country. “Power” of ISIS is that the Kufr special operations groups conduct their provocative subversive actions in regions in the name of ISIS. The same as colonialist states conducted their subversive actions in the name of Al Qaeeda. Now they are using the name of ISIS in their dirty plans. For example, namely ISIS claimed responsibility for attack on foreign tourist bikers in Tajikistan this summer.
Russia also plans to use mythical panic of ISIS, spread by the international politics, in its policy of military colonization of Central Asian states. So far Russia is conducting information propaganda campaign. As soon as Russia achieves success in its campaign, it will pass directly to subversive actions. Even a number of large European states including Turkey could not prevent subversive actions organized by Russia through its embassies. Therefore, such weak states as Kyrgyzstan have no choice but to wage intense information war against Russian informational propaganda and statements like above. We refute these dangerous statements and repudiate that deny that Islamic forces can commit subversive actions (prepared and organized by Russian agents), and we should continuously reveal the truth about their plans! Otherwise, they plan to create very dangerous situation in our region!

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