Imams of Kyrgyzstan will be re-attested

Imams of Kyrgyzstan will be re-attested
The State Committee for Religious Affairs plans to conduct re-attestation of imams, the committee informed.
According to the committee, imams of all mosques in the country will show their knowledge in October. Pursuant to new charter of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Kyrgyzstan (SAMK), heads of such educational institutions should have a higher religious and secular education.
The country’s imams passed exams all at once in 2016. Then, 92 percent of imams were not permitted to attestation due to lack of secular education. SAMK and the State Committee decided to train them.
According to the State Committee for Religious Affairs, there are 2,647 mosques, 107 medreses, 10 Islamic institutes, and about 2,800 imams in Kyrgyzstan.
State administration in Kyrgyzstan is built on the basis of the global government system, which is based on democracy. That means, “religion is separated from state and politics”. However, why there is a necessity for secular education for imams?
Central Asian republics plan to develop united coordinated strategy against Islam and Muslims.
The government project in this direction is based on forming religious elite group on the basis of theological (scientific) approach of explaining an ideology. Because imams need to know natural sciences (or teaching those sciences) to adjust the religion to the worldly life. Theology, which is a part of the Kufr teaching aimed against Islam, is designed for the above purpose. In other words, theology is a logical explanation of Allah’s orders, and justification of the Shariah laws to adjust them to the reality. Consequently, this science (theology) teaches imams to color current system of Kufr government (politics of unbelief) with “Shariah color”.
Regarding attestation of imams, the government plans to take control over all imams using security forces. They plan to train imams in two directions. First, centralization of training imams, i.e. as it was said above, when teaching them natural science, to open them ways to adjust Shariah laws to the worldly life. Second, improve work on domestication of imams by the government. Therefore, attestation will be conducted on the basis of persuading imams to veil the government’s real mechanism of administration. In other words, they will reveal and select imams who agree to cooperate with the government, like some imams of Uzbekistan. Imams dedicated to Islam will be removed from their posts. They will be replaced with new theologians

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