Russia deployed its Iskander-M missile systems in Central Asia

Russia deployed its Iskander-M missile systems in Central Asia
For the first time, Iskander-M missile systems were redeployed from Ural to Kyrgyzstan for participation in joint counter terror drill of the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) countries, Russian Central Military Command reports.
Missile specialists will launch missiles on Edelweis mountain firing range, the Central Command states.
International military exercises of the CIS countries will be conducted from September 24 to September 26. About one thousand Russian militaries will participate in the drill. Previously, battalion task group of motorized mountain brigade was redeployed from Tuva to Kyrgyzstan. Iskander-M are designed to strike pinpoint and area targets: missile systems, multiple launch rocket systems, long-range artillery, planes and helicopters on air fields, command centers and communication centers at ranges up to 500 kilometers.
Kyrgyzstan is becoming a polygon for score settling between leading states of unbelief, and the Kyrgyz people is becoming a consumable material in their conflicts. The USA, on one side, is increasing military threat from Afghanistan, and China, on other side, is modernizing Kyrgyzstan’s army by offering its military equipment. In contrast to them, Russia decided to enhance its military presence here. Such military expansion of several states of unbelief might exact a tragic toll for Kyrgyzstan.

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