New American strategy against terrorism (Islam)

New American strategy against terrorism (Islam)
Kirstjen M. Nielsen, United States Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, speaking at the George Washington University, stated that American government is preparing a new strategy against terrorism and organized crime.
“Very soon the White House will be releasing a bold new counterterrorism strategy that will put our enemies on further notice and lay out a path to victory against them” said Nielsen, RIA Novosti reports.
She called Washington’s enemies not only terrorists, but also criminals who “are exploiting the same environment as the terrorists in order to build cartel superpowers with sprawling networks”. According to Nielsen, today, terrorists
“don’t respect borders, and they aren’t constrained by geography”, so, they have to fight against them regardless of their location.
“Today’s threats exist in a truly borderless world. So that’s how we need to operate”, said Nielsen.
America never recognized before any global borders in its military occupational activities. American citizens can enter many world states without visas and can stay there how long they want.
Therefore, almost all gates of the world countries are open for the US spies. Now, the United States wants to “take away all borders” and legalize the right of conducting official military activities in any corner of the Earth. International laws and rules will support the USA in implementing it by opening wide ways for military colonization of weak states. For that purpose, the USA will initially determine its political, economic, or strategic interests in some country. Then, it will spread fake panic about terrorism threat in that country. The next moment, international rules will open up the possibility to interfere in internal affairs of a region till its military occupation.

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