Relations between the USA and Uzbekistan are improving

Relations between the USA and Uzbekistan are improving
“Relations between Uzbekistan and the USA passed to a new phase”, U.S. State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert stated.
According to Nauert, relationship of the two states are growing to a new level of strategic partnership, and reforms carried out by Uzbekistan’s new president Shavkat Mirziyoyev play significant role in it. In her statement, Nauert stated about accreditation of the U.S. non-governmental organizations in Uzbekistan for the first time in fifteen years as an example of strengthening relationship of the two states.
“Opening of the American Councils for International Education branch in Uzbekistan demonstrates strengthening of strategic partnership between Washington and Tashkent”, Nauert noted.
Uzbekistan is distinguished among other Central Asian states by its strategic geographic location, rich natural subsoil resources, as well as population strongly committed to Islam.
During Karimov’s regime in the country, very severe policy was conducted towards Islam. In other words, people who firmly held their religious beliefs were oppressed, put in prison, and physically and spiritually destroyed. Men with beards were prosecuted, Muslim women wearing hijab were cursed, and athan via sound amplifier was banned, too.
The United States policy against Islam and Muslims, as distinct from the Uzbek one, is mainly based of trickery, deception, and misdirection. The USA fights against Muslims by forming an army of moderate Islam supporters… The USA is creating more conditions for secularist (fake) Islam similar to the “Turkish model” which supports religious manifestation, opens mosques, permits beards for men and hijab for women. However, America is doing all this with the view of secret smashing blow to basic concepts of the “La ilaha illaLlah, Mohammadu Rasulullah” doctrine. Therefore, Muslims should be watchful and withstand cheap tricks of the USA in the form of “democratic Islam”, “secularist Islam”, “moderate Islam, and we should evaluate every situation from the viewpoint of “La ilaha illaLlah, Mohammadu Rasulullah”

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