The Shanghai Cooperation Organization again warns about redeployment of “terrorists” from Syria to Central Asia

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization again warns about redeployment of “terrorists” from Syria to Central Asia

The Islamic State militants are training and redeploying sabotage and terrorist groups to Russia, Europe, Central Asia, and Southeast Asia, Shanghai Cooperation Organization Regional Anti-Terrorist Structure (SCO RATS) executive committee deputy head Jumakhon Giyesov stated, RIA Novosti reports.
Executive committee deputy head Jumakhon Giyesov told about reasons of activation of foreign affiliates of terrorist groups during the conference on efforts to counter illegal arms supply in the context of the fight against international terrorism, which took place in Moscow on September 3-4.

He explained that successful suppression of hotbeds in Syria forced the remaining militants to new territories.
“Special structures created by ISIS recruit, train and redeploy sabotage and terrorist groups to Europe, Central, Southeast Asia and Russia”, Giyesov stated during his speech.


Mirziyoyev’s regime organized in Uzbekistan a competition of Quran reciters in April 2018. Every region of the country sent one hundred Quran reciters to the competition. However, it was revealed that most of reciters informally gained knowledge. That scared the regime because they thought that after many years of Karimov’s repressions, the teaching of Islam was supposed to be completely forgotten. Inoyatov’s report about proposed secret Islamic movements was somewhat confirmed. Therefore, the Uzbek regime is fighting not only Hizb ut-Tahrir; it fights against all sanctities and ideals of Islam!

Changes in the international politics will certainly affect Uzbekistan, too. The Shanghai Cooperation Organization is under influence of China and Russia. These two states are concerned that Uzbekistan is becoming a center of international politics and that it moves closer to the USA, building its strategy in parallel to American interests. That is why each of them will try to direct Uzbekistan to the course of its own interests and by this, to keep the whole Central Asian region under its influence. For that end, they will need to return Uzbekistan back to the previous “police” regime and cut its relations with neighbor countries including Afghanistan and USA. For this reason, the Russian representative raises the ISIS panic again. The Uzbek representative raised the problem of hujra threat (informal teaching of Islam knowledge). Such situation in the international politics, where the interests of the USA, China, and Russia clashed, will not bring Central Asia to peaceful results.

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