Group of historical scientists from China arrived at Kyrgyzstan

Group of historical scientists from China arrived at Kyrgyzstan

President Sooronbay Jeenbekov personally met with the Chinese historical scientists on August 29 and instructed the Muras Foundation of historical and cultural heritage of Kyrgyzstan’s people to provide all necessary conditions for the scientists for studying archive documents. Formerly, Russian researchers studied these archive documents. Why China now needs to study the history of Kyrgyzs?! History is one of the fundamentals of enlightenment, related to a certain ideology.

History can be adjusted and rewritten in favor of one or another ideology that is the basis of implemented system. For example, let us take the recent history. Several years before Ukraine was drawn out from Russian influence, the history of the World War II was rewritten and now Russia is shown in that war as an aggressor, not as a liberator. Days of liberation from fascism are not perceived as holidays anymore. Then the West took Ukraine from Russia.

If we look at older history, the Islamic Khilafah was rewritten as “Ottoman Empire” in the history, whereas the difference between tendencies of state government of and empire and Khilafah is as day and night. Potsdam Declaration as of 1945, July 26 was the basis for the United States to occupy Japan after the World War II. The Declaration presents historical facts “proving” that Japan was historically aggressive state which always fought with other nations.

In other words, the USA adjusted the history of Japan state in accordance with their plans before invading Japan. For several years Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan cannot reach a common solution in demarcating their borders as each of them is based on certain historical documents. Therefore, the history plays significant role in changing one state ideological system with another, or in invasion of a small state by a larger state, or in ambition of one religion to dominate over another one. Concept of history for one or another nation can increase or decrease trust of a society to this nation.

The same can be said about any system. For example, people who studied the history of the USSR and who served it now study the history of capitalism and now they are in power in all post-Soviet republics including Kyrgyzstan, although they conduct politics totally opposite to the USSR politics. That means, the history is one of fundamentals of enlightenment of every state ideology and can be adjusted in accordance with ideology, legislation of that or another ideology. Now, the Kyrgyz government got in huge debts from China and it is now so addicted to it that some “historical scientists, who personally met with the president, start to implement their mean plans using the president’s special assistance. After all, the Chinese historians will try to rewrite our history in accordance with their interests after taking all historical materials from us. That is the colonialist plan of China designed for many years and is implemented gradually, as Russia is leaving the global politics. Kyrgyzstan cannot defend itself from the Chinese expansion.

Today, the influence of West and colonial domination of Russia in the region are protecting us from China so far. Oh, representatives of Kyrgyzstan’s political elite! Wake up, be not among disloyal politicians by making great mistake in front of the history! Very soon, China will take away our lands, our surface and subsoil resources in return for debts that you take from it! Moreover, with your help, they might conquer us spiritually at first, then completely invade us physically. Despite the best efforts, we still cannot free ourselves from Russian cultural dependence inherited from the USSR. However, Russia already became weak at the international political stage, which resulted in vacuums in economic, political, and educational spheres of our countries.

You are opening the gates of these vacuums to China! Even when begging for money for the fight against Islam, you plan to address to China, not to the West anymore! Don’t you have any respect to your religious or national values?! Will you really abjure your religion if Kyrgyzstan will become a cultural colony of atheistic China?!

Don’t you really see and hear how this evildoer forces Uighur Muslims to drink alcohol, how it forces to eat pork during the Ramadan month, how it assaults honor of Muslim women and how it bans Quran?!!! Haven’t you really heard how they put hundreds of thousands of innocent Muslims into special camps where they torture Muslims and physically exterminate most of them?! Oh, the people of Kyrgyzstan! Will we really allow China to seize power over us when we see and know how China oppresses Muslims of the Eastern Turkestan?! Will we still trust this insane ruling and elite group, even witnessing that some of them are in prison for taking “credits for the country” and stealing them.

If it continues this way, then very soon China will directly rule over us! As they plan to shape a new historical document by adjusting our and their historical documents. Then, they will try to introduce their own education together with “indisputable” historical proofs into our educational program. It will be very easy for them to do it in cooperation with our current ruling circles. In view of this, we need to seriously appeal to the president, to representatives of the elite and ruling circles; we need to demand from them to work only based on our further interests. We need to call them to refuse any cooperation contradicting Islam, interests of the Ummah and citizens.

The current Kyrgyz government is fainthearted in front of China but its people is not afraid of Chinese. Therefore, we always need to remind the government that it can prevent possible oppression of China only if it rests on great strength of its people. As China worked for several decades to educationally colonize dependent Eastern Turkestan before oppressing it. Because people’s opinion is the strongest condition and if it unites the opinion of the government, then it will become a hard-hitting sword and hard shield.

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