Sagynbaev: Terrorist emissaries are infiltrating into Kyrgyzstan

Sagynbaev: Terrorist emissaries are infiltrating into Kyrgyzstan
Various banned organizations are actively recruiting our citizens in Kyrgyzstan, informed Damir Sagynbaev, Secretary of Kyrgyzstan’s Security Council. According to Sagynbaev, many Kyrgyz citizens are voluntarily enrolling in number of banned organizations. Sleeper cells are formed for destructive actions. Particularly, it is subject to the southern regions of Kyrgyzstan. Moreover, increasing number of ISIS militants in Afghanistan create opportunity of committing “inspiration attacks” in the territory of the Central Asian countries. Kyrgyzstan is an object of interest for international terrorist organizations as it is not only the transit territory for troops but also a place for creating new trouble spots. Islamization and politization of the society promotes this, Sagynbaev stated.
How very unfaithful and slanderous is Damir Sagynbaev, Secretary of Kyrgyzstan’s Security Council! According to him, rapid development of Islam in the region, rejection of Muslims of our countries values and ideals of the unbelief and aspiration for the values of Islam create favorable conditions for “Islamic terrorists” in terms of the Kufr. Undoubtedly, his statement emanates only from the Kufr’s interests! “Let us close doors for terrorists. For this purpose we need to bring an end to infiltration of Islamic values and ideas into the society. In addition, Muslims now became politically conscious, so, let us use the opportunity and let us silence them, too”, Sagynbaev’s idea is similar to the above (calamity to him!).
Let Allah humiliate hypocrites in this life and expose them to great suffers in the Last life! Even those far from politics can understand that Sagynbaev’s intentions are aimed at pleasing the Kufr. He wants to create a favorable climate for implementation of colonialist plans developed by the USA and Russia against Central Asia, based on mythical threat allegedly emanating from Afghanistan. To satisfy the Kufr’s interests, Sagynbaev offers the strategy of intensifying the oppression of representatives of his own nation! In fact, Sagynbaev knows very well that the world of Kufr, covering by the term “terrorism”, is committing vile and mean acts. Then it shifts responsibility for these actions on Muslims and separates them into several groups, trying to push them into a war, in the same way it does in Afghanistan. Yes, Sagynbaev offers to intensify oppression of Muslims. However, he offers to implement it under false reason of “fighting against “terrorists” or contributing “extremists””. In parallel to it, he offers to increase the mechanism of fighting against the Islamic factor and its values that progressively appears among the society! He meant it when he said, “Growing Islamization of the society promotes terrorism”. We remind that the world of Kufr is carrying out an ideological fight against Islam and Muslims. However, because Islam firmly gained hearts of Muslims, and because Muslims are gaining power enabling to conquer the world, the Kufr world cannot publicly declare war against Islam and Muslims. They fear of instantaneous union of Muslims of the world. That is why they use terms “extremists, terrorists” in their fight against groups that bear the call to ideological Islam that can unite Muslims. Besides, they use disloyal Muslims like Sagynbaev in their fight by paying financial awards to them in camouflage of various grants. In their turn, for the interests of the Kufr world, these betrayers sow seeds of hostility, creating explosive situations that promote sparking of an armed conflict in the region.

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