CSTO ( the Collective Security Treaty Organization) accused the USA of undermining t he Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty

CSTO ( the Collective Security Treaty Organization) accused the USA of undermining t he Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty
Violations of the agreement on the intermediate range (the INF Treaty) allow the U.S., while Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan fully comply with the agreement, says the statement of the foreign Ministers of the CSTO adopted at the meeting on Monday in Alma-ATA, RIA Novosti reports.
“A growing concern is the threat to the viability of the INF Treaty, arising from the unsettled state of some of the problems associated with its implementation”, — the statement says.
“This applies, in particular, to specific military programs of the United States, carried out without taking into account the obligations under the contract and includes the production and use of target missiles and strike unmanned aerial vehicles, manufacture and deployment of the universal rocket launchers, ground-based; also a concern of R & d (research and development work) to create a mobile missile system land-based prohibited under the INF Treaty a range of 500 to 5500 kilometers,” the statement says.
The document notes that the CSTO members, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia, “which are parties to the Treaty, remain fully committed to this agreement”.
“In order to avoid risks to the future of the Treaty, member states of the CSTO call on the concerned parties to engage in constructive dialogue and take all necessary efforts for resolution of the existing problematic issues in the context of the INF Treaty,” foreign ministers of the CSTO stated.
Russia tries to turn Central Asia into the center of international and military antagonisms. Strategic actions of the US aimed to increase its military presence in Central Asia through spreading panic about ISIS threat from Afghanistan gave impetus to it. In fact, these actions were launched in order to restrain China in Central Asia. Russia wants to take advantage of the situation and somehow to recover its position and influence in the region. Considering that such position of Russia is acceptable for China, Russia plans to get out of economically and politically besieged position created by the West, by improving its political and economic relations with China.
In respect of Central Asian region, Putin is even ready to use it as a military firing range to save his regime! It is confirmed by the fact that Russia and China started to force the CSTO member state to unilateral actions to implement their own interests. Russia wants to force the USA to agree all its actions in the region with Russia. The same regarding China – to persuade China that Central Asia is still under its strategic influence and to change China’s attitude towards itself and restore past strategic cooperation with it. However, the Central Asian countries should not expect anything good from these risky actions. In other words, in international politics, we should not interfere with a game of two large states by protecting one of them. It is very dangerous policy.

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