Taliban deployed 7 thousand combatants at the Afghan-Tajik border

Taliban deployed 7 thousand combatants at the Afghan-Tajik border
The Taliban Movement deployed about 7,000 of its fighters in 29 training bases along the Afghan-Tajik border, the commander of the border troops of the State Committee for National Security (SCNS) of Tajikistan Rajabali Rahmonali noted at the ceremony dedicated to the 15th anniversary of implementation of the Border Management Program in Central Asia (BOMCA).
According to Rahmonali, 6,825 militants of the Taliban movement were transferred from the south to the north of Afghanistan and are now based in 29 training bases in the provinces of Balkh, Kunduz, Takhor and Badakhshan. Many of these militants are natives of the Central Asia countries, Rajabali Rahmonali stressed.
Tajikistan, which has the longest – 1,400 kilometer – border with Afghanistan, is concerned about accumulation of armed forces along its southern border.
In a statement delivered at the session of the Collective Security Council of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) in Minsk on November 30 last year, Tajik President Emomali Rahmon again called on heads of state of the CSTO member nations to help with strengthening Tajikistan’s common border with Afghanistan, which is in fact the southern border of the CSTO member nations.
The commander of the border troops of the (SCNS) of Tajikistan Rajabali Rahmonali stated that the Afghan-Tajik border has become a headache only for Tajikistan. He thanked foreign states and international organizations for their help in strengthening the southern borders of the country and said that Tajikistan still needs this assistance. According to Rajabali Rahmonali, for 15 years, within the BOMCA program framework, Tajikistan received 43 million Euros for strengthening the border with Afghanistan.
Taliban is just an Islamic movement even without its own state. It also does not have military production to equip itself with modern weapon. So, even if we suppose that the movement has a plan to invade Central Asia, then it needs to be armed and to be given a certain target direction. That can be done only by a major nation that produces weapon or can buy the weapon. Even if it turns out that concerns of the Tajik part are justified, there is the 201th Russian military base in Tajikistan namely located to secure and protect Tajikistan. The base did not conduct any efficient action since its establishment in 2004. Consequently, if some unknown groups armed with Russian or western weapons will occur near the Tajik border, then namely this 201th Russian military base should take responsibility for security. So, there is no need to inspire fear in the people! It appears that the world of Kufr is preparing for another disturbance, now in Central Asia. They mobilized loyal leaders of the region and demanded them to intensify their repression and they want to create an explosive situation here. Namely the panic about the Islam threat from Afghanistan will create the condition to intensify repression policies of the Central Asian governments towards Muslims. As a result, there will occur an unbridgeable gulf between a government and Muslims and a favorable atmosphere for transportation of the Afghan situation into the Central Asia will occur. In one word, our some disloyal rulers are consciously leading their countries towards the gulf for well-being and peace promised by the Kufr.

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