Average amount of retirement pension in Tajikistan is 270 somonis. Can one make his living with it?

Average amount of retirement pension in Tajikistan is 270 somonis. Can one make his living with it?

Old and disable people in Tajikistan get averagely 270 somonis (about 30 USD). Last year, average pension reduced to 3 somoni, stated Nazokat Odinazoda, deputy head of the agency for pensions and social protection.

The most of pensioners live in Gorno-Badakhshan district of Dushanbe, where they get averagely 370 somonis and 15 dirams. Average pension is established for Khatlon and Sogdi regions’ pensioners, according to Nazokat Odinazoda. In total, pensioners get 255 somonis and 70 dirams from the state budget. According to the agency, last year 2 billion 439 million dollars were allocated for pensioners. Also, according to calculations, there are 665 thousand 78 pensioners live in Tajikistan as of the last year.

Cases of 75000 disabled pensioners were re-considered and following medical tests, 12687 people were qualified as fit for working and were deprived of their payments. According to Nazokat Odinazoda, information about the amount of pension is accessible only for law-enforcement authorities.

“You always ask us the same thing: who has the biggest payments? Whose pension is the highest? We will not disclose it to you even if you ask for thousand times; the question will remain without answer. No one has a right to ask for the information except security authorities. The documentation is available only for them. Any amount of a payment is determined by the state laws. Only the agency for social protection can determine the amount of a pension, and every process is regulated by law”, said Odinazoda.

Average pension in Tajikistan is the lowest among other former Soviet Union countries. For example, in Estonia, the pension amount is 434 dollar, which is 15 times more than a pension of Tajikistan’s pensioner. It should be noted that an average salary in Tajikistan is the lowest one among the former Soviet Union countries.

A pensioner cannot keep a family for 270 somonis per month. According to Tajik tradition (Islamic wisdom), children of aged people are responsible for their caring. Most of Tajiks pay great attention to this aspect when they bring up their children. At the same time, according to statistics, there are 14 homes for elderly and asylums for disabled people in Tajikistan, where over 1000 grandfathers and grandmothers live without caring of relatives. A draft law was proposed two months ago, and it was later adopted; the law envisages that children who refused to care of their parents will be sentenced for three years of imprisonment.

My heart was aching and my eyes filled with tears when I was reading this article. Who is to blame?

Allah T’ala said:

“Whatever misfortune happens to you, is because on the things your hands have wrought…” [42:30]

That means, we are the reason of misfortunes.

This phenomenon is just one of manifestations of dominating unjust system.

The Ummah, which distanced itself from Quran and Sunnah; which neglects the method; which is indifferent and not thinking; which forgot its teacher of life – the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing of Allah be upon him), will naturally fall into such lowliness.

What does Shariah say about parents?

The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) said:
“Glorifying Allah involves showing honor to a grey-haired Muslim” (Abu Dawud, Abu Musa Ash’ari)

If we neglect the rights of elderly, that means, we have neglected Allah’s rights.

Although we cannot stop it physically, we will remind about it one more time. While we are distancing from our values, the enemies of Islam are attacking us as hungry beasts. They cannot be sated of Muslims’ blood. Their zulum (oppression) is becoming greater and greater. The Kufr laws are dominating over us more than ever, spoiling our life with pure poison.

Since the Kufr system is based on lie and injustice, the humanity is surviving many misfortunes.
Tajikistan, as well as other third world countries, is under control of the colonialist nations. Hard life of the people is aggravated by the state tyranny. Besides that pensions are miserable, but also children can be sentenced because they cannot care of their parents.

Allah the Almighty created a human being and gifted him with intelligence, and thereby glorified him among other living creatures. However, because of imperfection of His servants, the whole humanity and Muslims in particular, are suffering great pain; their honor and dignity are trampled.

The Ummah fell a victim to ignorance, and became an instrument to derive benefits.

Is there any justice in this world?

After all, we are living creatures, and everybody has his own demands and desires. Everyone wants to live in peace, kindness and compassion. Truly, Allah created people and gifted them with dignity. But where is his dignity? I, for one, cannot find it! Although I try to love every moment of the life, and try not to think about bad things, anyway, my eyes fill with tears because I can only see injustice around me. It should not be in this way! The Creator must have vicars on Earth. There must be a ruler who would protect dignity of servants; who would carefully govern and be merciful. We are in such bad situation.

Where is that ruler?

Where is Mejlis ash-Shura (consultative councils), members of which would come to the ruler from different regions to show him his weakness, and to show him the right way?

Where is qadi, who would derive Sharia solutions from Quran and Sunna and would declare them to the people?

Where is the just ruler, who thinks about and cries when he thinks of people, and who asks forgiveness and mercy from Allah through nights, “Will I live this day till the end? Did not I restrict the people’s rights? Is there anyone hungry left for the night and will he complain on me at the Judgment Day?”.

Maybe you will say, all this looks like a fairy tale! However, the history remembers very well such rulers. During the righteous rulers, people used to live in peace and harmony, various religions and nations coexisted peacefully in one state.

With permission of Allah, the righteous sahabs (companions) brought the heritage of Allah the Almighty to us from thousand miles away. They left the blessed religion of Islam as amanat.

How did we behave? We traitorously lost what reached us through stony rocks and incredible difficulties. Today, we cannot deliver it even to our neighbors, although the companions, followers, and other followers have come a long way!

Can one be considered as a believer if he even cannot call his neighbor for the true path? As a Muslim’s faith will not be perfect unless he wishes the same on his brother what he wishes for himself. Can we hope for Paradise without fulfilling our responsibility? For which merits we ask Allah for a reward? How can we achieve the status of Amir Hamza (be Allah pleased with him), if we quit our duty to fulfill amru ma’ruf and nahy munkar, if we quit the duty to rebuke rulers?

Instead of taking the honored place of wise advisors and doing zikr and hope for Allah’s mercy in their last days, when they become weak, our aged parents are concerned with the questions, “How will I feed my grandchild tomorrow?”

Be afraid of Allah! How can you rely on pensions of old men instead of lavishing attention and love on them? “What can I do? There is no job! There is no money! What can I do? I have to sit like that…” it is a shame to say such words!

Therefore, we need to immediately restore the ancient glory of the Ummah, as tomorrow our offspring will live even worse! If we do not have mercy on our parents, then tomorrow we will regret about our descendants.

Let us return the religion into the life! Let us bring back justice and nobleness! Let us do our duty and build a great state!


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