Kyrgyzstan sent a note to Uzbekistan

Kyrgyzstan sent a note to Uzbekistan
Kyrgyzstan’s ministry of foreign affairs (MIA) sent a not to Uzbekistan’s foreign ministry concerning the incident that took place at the border on April 7. Kyrgyz ministry of foreign affairs called the extraordinary and plenipotentiary ambassador of the Republic of Uzbekistan to Kyrgyz Republic K.Rashidov. During the meeting, N. Abdrahmanov, deputy minister of foreign affairs of Kyrgyz Republic, informed about the incident and handed over to the ambassador K. Rashidov the Note of KR MIA to Uzbekistan’s foreign ministry requesting to inform about circumstances of the event. The foreign ministry reported that it follows the investigation of murder of a Kyrgyz citizen at the Uzbek-Kyrgyz border, and that “was in contact with relevant authorities of the two countries”. It is a reminder that on April 7, Uzbek border guards shot and wounded a Kyrgyzstan citizen near Kerben frontier post in Aksy district, Jalal Abad region. The wounded died in hospital. The Kyrgyz Border Service claims that the deceased did not trespass the border and was walking on the territory of Kyrgyzstan. Kyrgyzstan’s prime minister Sapar Isakov demanded “thorough investigations” of death of the Kyrgyz citizen.
Implementation of “moderate Islam” into Saudi Arabia in progress
Implementation of “moderate Islam” into Saudi Arabia by initiative of the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is continuing. It was reported that a casino for the Baloot card game was opened in the capital Riyadh. Best players will be awarded to promote the game. The best player will be awarded with 500000; the second player will get 250000; and the third player will get a consolation prize of 100 000 Saudi riyals.
One of Kaaba’s imams, Adel al-Kalbani was also observed among the players in the casino. His pictures at a game table with cards in his hands are widely spread in social networks.
Recently, by means of the army, training materials were withdrawn from many educational institutions of Saudi Arabia, and were replaced with over 35 million new books. Also, the changes affected schools and medrese, where over two hundred million books were renewed within ten days.
Pervasive changes of ideas and concepts took place in the books. For example, texts about Muslims’ conquests (jihad), stories about the Righteous Khalifs disappeared from books. Such ideas as “tolerance, large mindedness, peace and harmony” replaced their place of honor.
Over several decades the Saudi Arabia education system was based on a program of preparing jidhadist moods. Moreover, the aim of the program was to destroy the principles of delivering fiqh laws, as well as negation of madhabs. In addition, according to the education program, all Shiites were considered as disbelievers and as worse than Jews.
In those years, the Kufr world led by the USA and Great Britain planned emergence of jihadist groups and its manifestations. Considering that a human being is ruled by a sense, Saudis still serve as a strategic point in instigating wars among Muslims. Now, the Kufr is changing strategy because most of its goals are already achieved. Therefore, before starting a slaughter between Muslims, they intend to prepare the Ummah for it. The content of the new Saudi education program is aimed especially for this purpose. The Kufr’s aims do not change however much they call it “moderate” or “traditional”. The fact that Muslims are serving the Kufr’s interests is called “treachery and disobedience (asiy)”! Let Allah save us from it!

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