Аmbulance service will be fee-based

Аmbulance service will be fee-based
Medical ambulance service might become free-based in the future. This suggestion was made on February 9 at the board of Ministry of Health. According to Marat Kaliev, head of the Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund, transportation of patients costs much. “It is time to make the ambulance service fee-based. Of course, there will be separate category of citizens who will use emergency medical services free. In foreign countries, people do not call in ambulance for no reason as they know that they will have to pay for it”, said Kaliev. He offered to introduce the innovation in regions where there are less calls of ambulance. Talantbek Batyraliev supported him, reasoning, “the public health care is always in need of money”.
Medicine is one of the primary needs of a human being and it is the major need of a society. A state’s responsibility is to provide conditions so that people could satisfy their primary needs. From the first day when the Islam State was built, citizens were provided free medical service. It will be recalled that eight people from Urain and Ukl tribes came to Medina to join the religion but became sick. Their conditions deteriorated from day to day. Then, the Prophet (peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) sent them to camels belonging to the Bayt al-Mal, which were grassing 4 miles far from the capital. After drinking camel milk and getting required help, the people recovered. The four righteous Khalifas and their successors took care of the society’s interests: they built hospitals, hired best doctors. Patients were attended at the expense of the state treasury. Thus, the health care system in the Khilafa State includes free medicine, free health service, complete treatment; special attention was given to the culture of relations with a patient, where spiritual and moral condition of a patient was considered; polite attitude towards a patient. Executive supervisor will enforce all this responsibilities. The coming Khilafa State, which will restore its existence soon by Allah’s will, will bring all state administration elements including the health care system. This system is aimed at providing all citizens of the state with medical service and treatment regardless of race, sex, nationality and religion. Therefore, the state will be obliged to build required number of hospitals and clinics and to provide access to these services. However, at the same time, private hospitals or the sale of medicine will not be prevented. These rights of citizens are envisaged in the Constitution of the Khilafa State:
Article 160: The State provides free health care for all, but it does not prevent using private medical care or the sale of medicine.

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