Russia warned about the US secret services’ manhunt on Russian citizens

Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, recommended its citizens to evaluate carefully the risks during their travels abroad, because, in his words, the USA is man hunting on Russian citizens all over the world to arrest them. The relevant statement was published on the web site of Russia’s foreign ministry. According to the statement, Russian citizens who travel abroad are in high danger of being arrested in third countries upon Washington’s request, after which they might be extradited to the USA. “Despite our calls to establish cooperation between competent bodies of Russia and USA pursuant to the Agreement on mutual legal aid on criminal cases dated 1999, the American secret services continue actual manhunt on Russians all over the world”, the statement says. Allegedly, over ten Russians were arrested in other countries upon requests of the USA since the beginning of 2017. “Considering the above circumstances, we highly recommend Russian citizens to carefully evaluate all risks, especially if there are grounds to expect claims from American law enforcement bodies, when planning travels abroad”, the statement says. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommends paying attention to the countries that have extradition agreements with Washington. In its turn, the US State Department refused to comment the recommendations of RF MFA (Russian Federation Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

Turkiston: The White House imposed a number of sanctions against several hundred known people from among Putin’s criminal regime and its supporters. The Russian government tries to distract attention from the true state of things and claims “all these sanctions are imposed against Russia and Russian citizens”, “USA’s hatred is directed at Russian nation”. By doing this, the government tries to conceal the truth that all misfortune and adversities on the fate of Russia are because of the regime’s mistakes.

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