Temporary measure

Temporary measure Sapar Isakov expressed his hope that Kazakhstan’s tightened control at the border is temporary measure

Prime Minister of Kyrgyz Republic Sapar Isakov spoke at the regular session of the Heads of CIS States Council in extended format that took place in Tashkent on November 3. As reported by the information support department of the Kyrgyz government, in his speech, Sapar Isakov touched the issues regarding the situation at the Kyrgyz-Kazakh border. Kyrgyzstan’s prime minister stated, “Unfortunately, now it is hard to say about functioning of the free trade zone due to non-observance of the principle of free transit of goods by some CIS countries. Sapar Isakov told the session participants “the Kazakh party, using its transit advantage, started creating artificial obstacles to citizens of Kyrgyzstan and foreign citizens, cargo carriers from Kyrgyzstan, as well as foreign cargo carriers passing through Kazakhstan since October 10 2017. “Significant number of trucks are standing along the Kyrgyz-Kazakh state border and cannot pass the border from or to the Kazakh side. From 500 to 600 trucks are waiting in line every day. It takes five days for one truck to pass the border, not including unjustified excessive inspection of TIR transit cargos at special customs terminals”, Sapar Isakov said. Kyrgyzstan’s prime minister also reported “there are facts of arrest and inspection of sealed railway containers coming under international trade agreements from third countries to Kyrgyzstan”. In conclusion, the prime minister underlined that “the Kyrgyz government hopes that tightened control measures imposed by Kazakhstan were temporary and that we would solve the issue within our brotherhood and neighborhood relations”.

Turkiston: In addition to this, Kyrgyzstan complained to the World Trade Organization (WTO) where both republics are full members, and complained on Kazakhsan’s violation of key regulations of the organization’s general agreement. However, there is still no constructive measures from the above organizations. In fact, these organizations know very well about what is happening here, and it was not necessary to appeal to them requesting to interfere in the illegal actions. As their rules and regulations that were aimed for easing relations between member countries of this organization are being violated. They were established based on guaranteed equal rights of these countries. The organizations are obliged to protect their rules and regulations. However, in fact, everything is different. Each of such international organizations depends on this or another leading global power – founder of the organization. For example, the UN activities are controlled by the United States. Since the USA now has the most influential global power, the UN is also the most influential organization in the world. Of course, this organization operates based only on protection of the US interests and it tries to direct the international politics only to protect its interests and seeks ways of colonization of new countries for the USA. Naturally, there are a number of large independent countries among the members of the UN. The USA provides some privileges for them in the international politics and keep them dependent on the US. The USA does not pay attention to their dirty and vicious colonization methods, and to their filthy politics towards their colonially dependent countries. Even if they violate the UN resolution or international right regulations. Kyrgyzstan has been complaining about Kazakhstan to various international organizations, but these organizations can only express their discontent (in written form and for formality). Kazakhstan plays great role for Russia. It exceeds Kyrgyzstan in every respect and has important strategic role. Therefore, any international organization will take a position towards Kazakhstan in the view of its position or will be limited to a simple formality. Numerous examples of such behavior can be seen in the world: America’s invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan without any justification for that; mass extermination of Syrian people by Russian army; ignoring numerous appeals of the Palestinian state administrations about Jews’ violation of Muslims’ rights in Palestine; mass extermination of Muslims in Myanmar…!! All this is left behind the UN’s attention because these occupational acts and mass murders are committed by a leading global power or by other large states that have some influence on the international politics! Now the international politics reached a deadlock. Getting off the rails, the global capitalist system of administration started to violate its own values and ideals. In other words, the ideology of the global system of administration has lost its power of ruling the world. They try to conceal that increasing difference between living standards and privileges of the Kufr countries and other countries, as well as destruction of foundation of equal rights and excessive violence are happening because of insufficiency of their ideology and the system based on this ideology. That means, the problem at the Kazakh-Kyrgyz border is in the border itself, rather in existence of the border. The Sharia does not allow existence of borders between Islamic countries. These artificial borders play significant role in subordinating the world to the rotten system of the Kufr ideology. The above example where Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan have to appeal to the Kufr organizations to solve the problem at the border is the proof of it. Therefore, the international politics protects interests of the Kufr in colony countries and it can even cause an armed conflict by creating a conflict situation at a border. The Kazakh and Kyrgyz presidents could not restrain their ambitions and arrogance and now push their countries into dependence from the Kufr, condemning their people into economic difficulties

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