Imam of a mosque who negated “the democracy shaheeds” was removed from the post “There is no concept as “democracy shaheeds”

Imam of a mosque who negated “the democracy shaheeds” was removed from the post “There is no concept as “democracy shaheeds”
The above words of Muhammed Omay Haji caused his removal from the post of Imam of the Haji Nuri Mosque in the Turkish metropolis Istanbul. In his khutba, he negated using of the term “democracy shaheeds” regarding those citizens who died marching against the military coup in Turkey. Despite the fact that on July 15-16 of 2016 Muslims got out to the streets chanting Islamic slogans, the government and local pro-government mass media entitled those who died during the clashed with coupists as “the democracy shaheeds”. Meanwhile, the Muslim population of Turkey came out to the streets against that Kemalists, noted for their hostility towards Islam, would take over the power. As the Turkish people lived under the heel of Kemalists and saw at first hand their hatred towards Islam and Muslims. Therefore, only Islamic slogans shuddered the streets on that day. No one except pro-government mass media mentioned democracy. When reporters interviewed the people on the streets, none of them said that he went out to the streets to defend democracy. When they were asked, “What do you say about those who died resisting are entitled as “democracy shaheeds”? The answer was: “Could a Shaheed be a democracy Shaheed?!” We are standing against the military dictatorship only for the sake of Allah and Islam”. Muhammed Omay Haji, the Imam of the Haji Nuri Mosque, also expressed his puzzle in his words “There is no concept as “democracy shaheeds””. He was removed from his post for those words. Now he is under investigation.
The ideological war between the Kufr and Islam is escalating. Now, the Kufr world openly directly demands perfidy from our ulema.
وَلَنْ تَرْضَى عَنْكَ الْيَهُودُ وَلَا النَّصَارَى حَتَّى تَتَّبِعَ مِلَّتَهُمْ
“The Jews will not be pleased with you, nor the Christians until you follow their religion”. After ideological fail and losing value, the Kufr system is distancing itself from the society. To save the situation, it applied the strategy of arraying itself in Islam, which is becoming the leading ideology of the world, and the strategy of manipulating its values. The Kufr uses such concepts as “moderate Islam”, “radical trend (extremism, terrorism)” and now, “democracy shaheeds”, trying to create a layer of vicious “Islamic” ideology. They are trying to create an “army” of loyal ulema and religious figures. They chose Erdogan as the first candidate for the experiment as a religious and political leader. His mission consisted of injecting the Western ideology into the Ummah’s consciousness. The concept of “democracy shaheeds that Erdogan is introducing is a new concept of the Kufr and bears danger for the faith of Muslims who accept and confirm it. The campaign in this line is being conducted in almost all Islamic countries. Within this framework, in Kyrgyzstan, the security ministries, through the Muftiyat, ran a campaign of forcing the mosque Imams to call azan in the Ramadan month preliminarily, i.e. long before the prayer time. Unfortunately, many weak willed Imams agreed to this perfidy and voluntarily committed a great sin as hundreds and thousands of Muslims are behind them and they break strict constraints of keeping the fast, too, because of those Imams’s cowardice. Representatives of the Kufr and its henchmen in order to permanently keep in fear and under control its own “Islamic layer”, use such terms as terrorist, extremist regarding our many imams and ulema who refused to cooperate with the Kufr, and put them in prisons for many years, and even kill some of them. Our brothers – Muhammed Omay Haji, Mahmud Velitov, previously arrested in Moscow, and Rashod Kori Kamalov, who is in Kyrgyz prison at the moment, and hundreds of other imams… It is a spectacular example for the above said. And so many our brothers are working even under control and oppression of the Kufr. They suffer for their dedication and firmness against the fear of the temporal tortures and the lure of insignificant temporal welfare. Let Allah make all us firm and let Allah grant us His help. Let Allah save us on the Judgment Day from being among the unfaithful. Amin.

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