Chine prohibits beard and hijab for Muslims

Chine prohibits beard and hijab for Muslims.
 China prohibited beard and hijab. As a part of intensifying the struggle against Muslim extremism in the Sinkiang Uighur autonomous region of the People’s Republic of China, local authorities adopted a number of laws according to which the residents of the region will be prohibited from sporting long beard and wearing dresses that close face. Regional People’s congress adopted relevant legislation on March 29 going into effect on April 1. Besides the prohibition for beard and dress at public areas, it will be also prohibited to refuse to watch national TV channels and to listen to radio and to use state goods and services, as well as registration of marriage in accordance with religious rituals, Reuters reports. It will be also prohibited to refuse to send children to public schools, to violate the family planning law, to intentionally destroy legal documentation and name children with names related to religious propaganda. Turkiston: Alive with hatred, the atheist Chinese government wages cruel war against Uighur Muslims since it occupied the Sinkiang. Initially, the Chinese authorities destroyed 25 thousand mosques and now there are only 500 mosques in the region. The Uighur Muslims are prohibited from studying religion. Ulema that used to teach Islam to the youth were expelled or put in prison under various reasons. The Chinese authorities prohibited teachers, students and state clerks from fasting and participating in religious life of Muslims during the holy month of Ramadan. Moreover, the authorities instructed that all food service organizations must be closed during the Ramadan. As a part of the fight against any manifestation of Islam, the Chinese authorities promises 1000 yuan award for reporting to national security services about any bearded man or woman in nikab. It also rewards with 5 million yuan for important information about prepared terrorist attack, recruiting to extremist groups, and fomenting riots. Khotan city authorities staged a parade with participation of thousands of heavily armed police and pro-government voluntary militants to demonstrate the power of Chinese law enforcement bodies and to frighten local “terrorists” and “separatists”. In addition, due to natural resources, especially oil, in the eastern Turkestan, the Chinese government conducts purposeful policy of assimilation of Uighurs, by encouraging Uighurs to move to other regions of China and by artificial control of birth, as well as by large-scale resettlement of ethnic Khans to the Eastern Turkestan. Consequently, today, 25 million population of Uighurs decreased to ten millions and composes only 40% of the region’s population… It will happen not only to Uighurs but to the whole Muslim Ummah on the earth and any sorry individual will torment Muslims without any misgivings until the Righteous Khilafah will be restored and protect Muslims from the violence of the misbelief. As the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) said, “Imam is a shield behind whom Muslims fight and protect themselves” (narrated by Buhari from Abu Khuraira).

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