There are reports from Damascus that Assad is in al-Shami Hospital

#Syria – There are reports from Damascus that Assad is in al-Shami Hospital. Not confirmed yet. According to Okaz, Assad has a brain tumour and is frequenting Al-Shami hospital weekly.

Some media outlets said that Assad had suffered a stroke; while others said that he was shot and has been taken to Damascus Hospital for treatment.

France’s Le Point, speculated that Assad might have been assassinated by his personal Iranian Bodyguard Mehdi al-Yaacoubi, going so far as to say that he shot him in the head.

Lebanese newspaper, al-Mustaqbal, quoted “reliable sources” as saying that Assad suffered from a cerebral infraction and was transferred to Damascus Hospital where he is being treated under high security.

As for the Saudi newspaper Okaz, Assad is suffering from a “brain tumor.” He tried to cover up his illness through short and frequent appearances. According to its sources, Assad is being treated by a Russian-Syrian medical team on a weekly basis, adding that he has undergone medical tests when he was in Moscow in October.

During an interview with The Sunday Times late last year, Assad said he did not lose sleep at night over his role in the civil war, which the UN says has claimed 400,000 lives and driven half of Syria’s population from their homes.

Asked if the deaths of children killed in Aleppo and elsewhere weigh on his mind, he laughed and said, “I know the meaning of that question.” “I sleep regular, I sleep and work and eat normal and do sports.”

O Allah, if you choose not to guide him by your Mercy, then by your infinite Power and Omnipotence, give this snake the most detestable and frightening of diseases known to man, and cripple him slowly and surely to a painful and black death.

May Allah swt deal with all these such traitors and oppressors.

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