Who wreaks the havoc in Kyrgyzstan?

Who wreaks the havoc in Kyrgyzstan?
Pro-western forces in Kyrgyzstan are eager to spread havoc in the country
News: On January 1, Kyrgyzstan’s citizen Yahya Mashrapov was arrested at the Turkish airport accused of the night club attack. After Mashrapov’s non-involvement in the 31 December events in Turkey was confirmed, he was released. However, the same day, after arriving in his country, Mashrapov was again questioned by Kyrgyzstan security services. The Kyrgyz services were mobilized as some local mass media published an article that the murderer of the night club customers in Turkey was from Kyrgyzstan. Edil Baisalov, pro-western political analyst, at his interview to the Radio Azattyk on January 3, stated that “it was not important whether someone with Kyrgyz passport did really shoot the Reina night club in Istanbul at the New Year’s eve, however, we must wake up from general euphoria and foggy notion about terrorism as a far-off problem of third countries”. “The day has come to study proven experience of some Middle East countries in confronting terrorism, the same Israel. Also, Russian experience of counter-extremism in the Northern Caucasus is interesting”, Baisalov said. He is indignant at that bearers of Islamic summon are openly acting in the streets, “We have been in euphoria for too long. Before it is too late, we must wake up and protect our homes. Only extreme and decisive measures can help us to defend our future from foreign invaders and homebred jihadists”, the political analyst complained (Radio Azattyk).

Comment: Pro-western forces started to openly interfere in Kyrgyzstan’s politics and influence over its decisions. Our words are confirmed by the actions of the Turkish regime, which stated after the night club attack that the suspected was from Uzbekistan or Kyrgyzstan, after which the law-enforcement forces thoroughly checked houses of immigrants living in Turkey. Turkish security forces stopped a flight and arrested the Kyrgyz citizen for investigation. It appears that if they could prove that the Kyrgyz citizen was in Istanbul on December 31, then they would accuse him of the committed crime. Following that, local Kyrgyz pro-western forces would start a serious action in the country. However, the Turkish services made a mistake as Mashrapov had a compelling evidence of his non-involvement in the crime and his ticket had a customs stamp proving that he was in Kyrgyzstan at the time of the crime. Thus, it is obvious that Baisalov prepared his statements before these incidents, for which indicate his following words: “Terrorism has already come in our country. The suspected in the terrorist attack is from Uzbekistan or Kyrgyzstan (once more – his surname is not important, it is clear that it is not Mashrapov) and fought in Syria and was specially trained for such terrorist attacks”. It is clear from the above said that the ideology of the global infidelity is putting pressure on the Kyrgyzstan government as per clearly plotted political program that aims creation of factors for emergence of new Islamic problems similar to Syrian problems. It is possible only through orientating the existing government of Kyrgyzstan against Islam and Muslims more intensely than it was before. For example, theologist Kadyr Malikov, Director of independent analytical center Religion, Right and Politics, speaking to reporters on January 6, expressed an opinion that “military activities in Syria will affect Kyrgyzstan, too”. He believes that “destruction of ISIS, capture of Aleppo and other Syrian cities, as well as intensification of military operations by Turkish authorities against the IS at its territory will affect forcing away of terrorist groups to other countries”. According to Malikov, Kyrgyzstan is at the first place “among the Central Asian countries for terrorist attack threat and other extremist acts”. Government officials, security service officers, and other political experts state about possible start of violent acts in the country. For the ideology of unbelief, it is a tradition to instigate wars among Muslims all over the Islamic world using the single scenario.

Specially for the Radio of Central Information Office, Hizb ut-Tahrir, Abdurazzak, Kyrgyzstan, Rabi-Al-Sani 1438 Hijri.

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