All medreses are closed in northern Tajikistan

“Nation’s leader” Emomali Rakhmon has been trying to obstruct the younger generation from Islam for many years using all his opportunities. At the beginning, he prohibited the youth under 18 years from mosques, and installed video cameras in all mosques for control of visitors. Later, he ordered to return to Tajikistan over 2000 students studying in Islamic educational centers abroad.
By 2013, five medreses in the Sogdian region were temporarily closed prior to obtaining approval of Tajikistan Ministry of Education and approval of related bodies. Before closing the medreses, six medreses were functioning in the republic; five of them were located in the Sogdian region, in the cities of Istaravshan, Hudjand, Kanibadam, Pendjikent, and in the Bobojongafur district with about 300 students.
Today, all five medreses are completely closed, according to Suhrob Rustamzoda, acting department head for religion, traditions, and national rituals, Sodgian region. He claims that the above educational institutions had no permit for resumption of activities due to noncompliance of their charters with the requirements of the Ministry of education and science.

Emomali Rakhmon is furious. He directed all his strength, capabilities and authorities against Islam and Muslims.
In fact, Rakhmon is not the only initiator of all his activities. In other words, this project is not the fruit of his capabilities and intellect, but the part of a common enmity mechanism of the Kufr system against Muslims. Such strategy is developed against a country taking into account living standards of the country’s citizens, religious atmosphere in the country, inter-ethnic situation, national character and mentality of the people, conscious level of politicians and intellectuals of the country and their patriotism.
Tajikistan is “allowed” to follow Uzbekistan’s course because citizens of this country are settled and their traditions are closely related to Islam as in Uzbekistan’s citizens. They also have firm religious foundation and in due time the nation could show its capacity. The Kufr world, in order to strangle any freedom here, gradually uses various ways and methods and it could create the current situation in the region.
Previously, attitude to Muslims in Tajikistan was as good-natured as it is in Kyrgyzstan today. Muslims led by Said Abdullo Nuri, were in alliance with the government. They were even allocated 30% of seats in the parliament and government. During several years, representatives of religious communities had been shown respect and honor. They used to consider themselves as a part of the government and its ally as the Kyrgyz elite does today.
However, this alliance did not last long. The Government gradually alienated itself from the religious elite by order of the Kufr system. It cunningly directed religious communities against each other; destabilized and weakened the Islamic atmosphere in the country; and completely estranged them from the government. Then they started to raise and investigate again old cases of religious figures and started to oppress and arrest them… Now, the current condition of Tajikistan’s Muslims. Emomali Rakhmon almost names himself a god. His acts have become condemned.
What happened to our Tajik brothers should be a warning for us, Muslims of Kyrgyzstan, because we have the same activities in Kyrgyzstan like in Tajikistan in the beginning. We also have ulema and religious leaders, politically illiterate like Nuri; some of them were even ready for perfidious cooperation with the Kufr. They openly support the government in the fight against such sanctities of Islam like hijab, beard, as well as against religious and political Islamic communities. These “religious” figures on the on the edge of treachery act against communities that are eager to glorify Islam. Recently, they defended an MP on the TV, and tried to divide Muslims into several movements and almost sent to prison the ulem who acted against their intentions. Love of Muslims towards our brother in faith and their solidarity saved our brother, of course, with help of Allah.
If our brothers, famous religious figures will surrender to intrigues of the Kufr, and cross the threshold and continue cooperation with the Kufr and government, then undoubtedly, Kyrgyzstan will experience what Muslims of Tajiskistan experienced in the beginning. Now they encounter a serious test from Allah. The same method was applied both in Uzbekistan and in Tajikistan. At first, strong Islamic atmosphere in the society was destabilized and destroyed. Muslims divided into separate movements and contradicted each other; they started to look for mistakes of each other and thus they lost vigilance towards the Kufr’s intrigues and they lost their position in the fight against vicious values of the Kufr. Consequently, the Kufr fomented discord between Muslims and easily established dictatorship regimes for Karimov and Rakhmon.

To religious figures and leaders in Kyrgyzstan:
Fear Allah! Fear Allah of even helping the Kufr! You had better ask where are those Muslims who used to serve under the governments of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan as obedient dogs. Do not make mistake, do not blunder by trusting our current situation. The Kufr world has not yet destroyed our Islamic atmosphere in the country not because it loves us, but because they have to consider us, for, we, and our brothers, who are oppressed by the government, are selflessly defending Islam’s sanctities, defending hijabs of our wives and mothers together as a single body.
We should not devote us to insignificant benefits of the Kufr and repeat the mistake of our Tajik brothers. Brothers, we are like a tree, like the root of the tree. The Kufr is trying to cut each of the roots one by one using our government. Wake up brothers! We still have uncut roots and the tree is still alive (not like in Tajikistan).

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