Khilafah Conference in Ankara successfully finished

In Ankara Hizb ut-Tahrir Wilayah Turkey successfully held the conference titled “Khilafah…. Imaginary or Upcoming Reality?!”. In this conference many peoples were collected from regions of planet, and it was broadcast live to the whole world.

At beginning this conference was planned to 13:30, but because of some reasons, i.e. because of actions of Police by “providing security”, this conference begun with reading of the Holy Quran in 14:15. However, the conference was held successfully and timely was finished, as a result of coordinated and serious actions of organizers (may Allah be pleased with them).

The conference was opened by speech of Head of Media office Hizb ut-Tahrir Wilayah Turkey Mahmud Kar. After Imam-Hatib of Mosque Al-Aqsa Sheikh Issam Amirah delivered his speech. In his speech he focused to the problem of Palestine, which after destroying of Khilafah became trampled and humiliated by the Jews. Ustadh Ismail Al-Wahwah from Australia stressed in his speech that reestablishment Khilafah is the liberation for not only Muslims, but also for all humanity, which oppressed by Capitalism. The official representative of Hizb ut-Tahrir Wilayah Indonesia Ismail Yusanto said, that second Righteous Khilafah will act in regard to USA and Europe, like first Khilafah, which destroyed Persian and the Byzantine Empires.

Also others speakers of the conference spoke about problems of Ummah. They urged all Muslims, in particularly armies, to contribute in reestablishment of second Righteous Khilafah. This calling was accepted by participants of the conference by takbir.

The conference was finished by speech of Abdullah Imamoglu and his dua to Allah.

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